Гостиница Аврора  


Concerned to tour companies and agencies! 

The hotel Aurora pays commission and gives bonuses if your customers stay at our hotel.

Commission and bonuses given by the hotel "Aurora".

Real number of services given 



Up to 5000 s.u.

10 %


more 5000 s.u.

15 %

150 s.u.

more 10 000 s.u.

15 %

200 s.u. 

more 15 000 s.u.

15 %

250 s.u.

more 20 000 s.u.

15 %

300 s.u.

more 25 000 s.u.

15 %

350 s.u. 

more 30 000 s.u.

15 %

400 s.u.

more 35 000 s.u.

15 %

450 s.u.

more 40 000 s.u.

15 %

700 s.u. 

Concerned to all contracted:
  1. Initial commission fee is 10 %. A fresh account is made in the end of a season and commission interest and bonus are paid. 
  2. Selling department is given a bonus on agreement with the administration of a buying company (the bonus is meant for companies which start our partnership with initial commission fee of 10 %)
  3. All the prices on our site are given in standard units (1$) only in the interest of advertising. Payment is given in any preferred currency. 
  4. Money order is at the expense of the sender.
  5. Payment is carried out according to the bills: in a cashless settlement with current prices excluding commission fee. 
  6. Information of availability of the hotel is daily e-mailed or SMS is sent to your mobile phone number.

Reference exchange:

You can put our reference in your site https://www.hotel-avrora.com (Aurora hotel) or button  (this is what it looks like),
in reply we put your reference on our Partners page. Copy the code of the button:

All the firms contracted with us are listed on our Partners page.
If you place our reference on your site or the button hotel , please, e-mail us the page address where it is found:
 support@hotel-avrora.com .

We are open to any partnership offers!
Sales result is the major factor for higher commission fee.



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phone/fax +38 (0692) 54-67-55, mobile phone. +38 050 808 7000 (twenty-four hours)
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